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Ancient astrology courses

The Ancient astrology courses are targeted mainly to intermediate and senior levels astrologers wanted to get deeper knowledge in Ancient astrology field. It is assumed that students are already familiar with the basic Astrology terms.
The Ancient astrology courses are mainly video-lessons. An astronomy and astrology software have been used inside. The lessons also include self assessment tests and text parts. During the course students are able to directly contact the teachers via training forums where they can ask their questions.
You may start learning any course at any time, The training is individual, you should not wait for a group gathering. The access to training materials is automatically activated upon your payment.


The consultations we are offering are based on Ancient astrology methods. That's why we could offer better accuracy and better details in our analysis and predictions in comparison of contemporary astrology based consultations.
Please choose the consultation option from the main menu. Fill in carefully the data necessary. After sending you will receive an email with payment details. After the payment we will contact you for service delivery.

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